1. Get you set up with a CRM that works best with your company or work with your current CRM. Available for questions and help training your staff and agents on new CRM.

  2. Works with your monthly marketing budget

  3. Check out your publications and portals to make sure that you are utilizing the service to get the most out of them.

  4. Get set up as a facebook admin to your Facebook page (if no facebook page, set up facebook page)

  5. Make sure the website is current and up to date. 

  6. Provide simple website add ons such as adding pages, transforming pages and so forth

  7. Look over all social medias, give advice on where you can further grow, and give helpful tips and tricks throughout service on how to best use social medias as a marketing tool. 

  8. This service allows you to contact your personal marketer throughout the week with questions, comments, concerns and so on.

  9. Monthly consultations on what is working best for you