1. Get you set up with a CRM that works best with your company. Available for questions and help training your staff and agents on new CRM. With this plan your marketer will also send out specific listing push emails, manage action plans and drip campaigns.

  2. Works with your monthly marketing budget

  3. Check out your publications and portals to make sure that you are utilizing the service to get the most out of them. With this feature the Marketer will be able to change the pricing in your areas within your pre existing budget.

  4. Get set up as a facebook admin to your Facebook page (if no facebook page, set up facebook page). Will suggest an auto posting service that works best for you also will maintain facebook page (ie., like comments, and notify you if there is someone you haven’t connected with yet)

  5. Evaluates your website and sets you up with a service that may better suit you. With this plan, the marketer is going to be more hands on with your website. They will be in contact with your website provider to fix any issues that you may arise and will also be on the developing end of making sure your website is always up to date and things are in order. 

  6. Provides Website add ons and simple website layout changes. No need to worry, your marketer is going to handle it all, but you will be in the loop. You will be able to set up meetings with your marketer about changes you would like done to your website whenever you need. 

  7. Full control over social medias. Don’t worry, it is always in your hands, but with this plan your marketer will have access to your social media accounts so that they can check out your analytics, see how posts are doing and  post for you, driving content to your website or listings* (*content for posts must be provided). Your Marketer will work closely with your photographer and videographer.

  8. Market works hand in hand with photographer and videographer letting them know new listings that are coming on to the market so that they can get images and videos ready for you by the time your listing is ready to go on the market. 

  9. This service allows you to contact your personal marketer throughout the week with questions, comments, concerns and so on.

  10. Monthly consultations on what is working best for you